Our Company

Welcome to A.P.E. (Asphalt Paving Equipment), Inc. a new company focused on solving an old and persistent problem: potholes in our streets, roadways and parking lots. These potholes damage our vehicles and fray our nerves. They seem to defy efforts to repair them since most will reappear within a few months of being repaired, often larger and more treacherous than before. A.P.E. is committed to fixing this problem.

Our History

A.P.E. was formed recently by Ring-O-Matic which was founded in 1960 as a general machining and manufacturing company. A.P.E. is focused on making innovative pothole repair machines for use with a high-performance filler material from our alliance partner NewLife® Product and Equipment Company. NewLife® is located in Rowlett, Texas a suburb of Dallas (find their website at www.potholefill.com). A.P.E.’s Iowa location takes advantage of the widely admired Midwest work ethic and commitment to honest values. This centralized location also allows good access to all of North America as well as efficient routes to shipping ports for our overseas customers.

A.P.E. and Ring-O-Matic have built 6 prototype machines for pothole repairs during the past 7 years. Three of these machines are working from Texas to Alaska. Based on the success of these machines we are confident they are now ready to go to a broader market. These machines will be sold together with NewLife® DOT  ̶̶  Pothole Filler® material. These machines and high-performance materials are being offered as a new way of doing pothole repairs that can be done in almost any weather … and have a repair that will last years. It’s an extraordinary solution to the pothole repair problem.

A.P.E. still carries the spirit of creativity and energy of Ring-O-Matic’s founder Bill Van Zante. Bill always looked for better ways to get the job done. His mechanical genius led to many industry firsts, inventions and patents. The A.P.E. pothole filler machine is another reflection of the company’s innovation and commitment to building machines that solve serious industrial and commercial problems.

Our Goals

Every company has its goals and standards that they want to live up to and A.P.E. is no exception.

This is a summary list of A.P.E.’s major goals:

1. Provide real, honest value along with superb service to our customers and dealers

2. Continue to build on our legacy as our industry’s leading innovator by introducing creative new products and features

3. Build the best pothole repair machines in the world that will be sold exclusively with NewLife® DOT  ̶̶  Pothole Filler® material

4. Run a business that operates with the highest ethics and is consistently profitable

5. Regularly share this profitability as bonuses to our employees who are our most important asset and the key to making our business successful.