Primary A.P.E. Pothole Fill Machine and DOT – Pothole Filler® Features

  1. Easy one-step pour-in pothole fill for fast efficient pothole repairs
  2. Low viscosity system is self-leveling to help create smooth traffic surface with minimal operator troweling or smoothing – gets rid of the "thump" when you drive over pothole repairs
  3. The system can be poured in temperatures down to 10°F (lower by special request) – a mid- winter pothole repair that will last for years
  4. Expected pothole repair life of more than 7 years in high traffic zone areas in northern climates – leads to overall lowest cost of repair
  5. A rapid setting system that will fully support traffic after 30 minutes – minimize traffic flow interruptions

Other A.P.E. Pothole Fill Machine & DOT – Pothole Filler® Features